Sunday, 23 November 2014

New Goods - NEW Venus Palette from Lime Crime

There's a new Lime Crime palette in town, and it's a lot more grown up than any of the previous palettes!

If you're a fan of Lime Crime makeup I'm sure you've seen this new palette around the internet already, but I couldn't resist sharing my verdict on the new "grunge" palette Venus too!

I recently stopped into the opening day sale for the new shop for which is the Australian distributor for Lime Crime (meaning everyone in Australia and NZ that stocks Lime Crime is stocked through them)! It's exciting to have a shop so close to me that physically stocks Lime Crime products as I don't always want to take the risk of buying colours from the internet without testing them first, and being the stockist they will always have the stock before anyone else and have the biggest range!

Lime Crime describes the Venus palette as:

"Mash Botticelli's classical painting with the rebellion of the early 90s, and you get VENUS: The Grunge Palette.

In a sea of nude palettes, VENUS emerges with 8 game-changing, unconventional "new-trals" and rusty-reds. Full-sized, recklessly pigmented eyeshadows mesh flawlessly for a nu-grunge look with a soft, painterly finish. Beautiful mirrored box with kitschy artwork makes this palette the ultimate collectible artifact!"

I must say the packaging on this palette (as with most of the Lime Crime packaging) is absolutely stunning! The bright blue mixed with the gold foil makes for a perfect match. It's a little bit of an odd shape, and a little thicker than most palettes I own, but not to the point that it would be hard to travel with. The packaging being a little bit thicker actually makes it feel super secure as the mirror fits tightly in against the shadows meaning there's extra padding.

There are 8 colours in this palette and I think they would all go together in any combination that you try. From what I've tested so far that's definitely true.

The colours as described by Lime Crime are:

VENUS: The color of bruised fruit (velvet matte)
SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow)
AURA: Golden ivory (glow)
CREATION: Rust brown (matte)
ICON: Dirt brown (matte)
REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte)
DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte)
MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte)

The colour payoff on all of the shadows is great! There was a little bit of crumbling when swatching and only a tiny bit when using the shadows for my look, but I always control the shadow going on my eyes with the back of my hand by tapping it into my skin beforehand anyway so I don't think it's enough for it to be an issue.

I love that most of the shadows are matte, with only 2 "glow" shades as Lime Crime describe them which is perfect for highlights and giving the eye more depth.

This palette is definitely not your normal nudes though, and if you're not used to a bruised red colour with your eye you may feel a bit strange at first, but I say embrace it! I love that there is so much more room for experimentation for eyes and lip colours these days. This palette being so popular is another great example of that!

I love this colour palette for my green eyes, but the tones are sure to bring out most eye colours. For a more grunge look I wear the colours smoky around my eyes without a big liner wing, like in the pictures below. I have also used the more brown/peach shades with a big liner for a less grunge look so it's certainly still versatile in that way.

In the look below I've used divine as a base, and rebirth in the crease to warm the whole look. From there I layered Venus and Muse together all around the outside of the eye and finished with a spot of Aura inside each inner eye to brighten the whole look. I finished this simply with mascara and used the 'Wicked" Velvetine (also from Lime Crime) to really bring the look together.

This is the same look as above below but without the lipstick. You can see how you can tone down the look a lot without having such a bold lip. 

This palette retails for $55 on Makeupnet with FREE express shipping, or you can purchase it directly from the Lime Crime website for US$42 and a flat rate for shipping of US$10.95. I have ordered direct from the Lime Crime website before and it takes between 2 - 3 weeks generally to get here. I purchased this palette from the new Makeupet shop in Moonee Ponds so I could get it straight away! I purchased a few more goodies too as they had 30% off so I'll post those up soon too. 

What do you think about the new Venus grunge palette by Lime Crime? Do you think you'll add this one to your makeup collection? x

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  1. I'm already in love with this palette, I couldn't believe how buttery smooth they all were! And the colours were just amazing. Love the looks you created! xx