Sunday, 7 October 2012

NOTW - Kit 'Rose Macaroon' with American Apparel 'Light Year'

This weeks Nail Of The Week is Kit's new shade 'Rose Macaroon' with an accent on the pinky finger of American Apparel's 'Light Year'. 

After a visit to Kit recently, I walked away with even more shades from one of my favourite local brands! Oops. I couldn't wait to try this sweet little number out, and I knew just like the rest of the Kit range, it would be a nice creamy colour. 

'Rose Macaroon' is from the new limited edition Sweet & Chic macaroon scented collection which was released last month. The collection comprises of 5 feminine colours to mimic macaroon flavours, and each one comes with a sweet scent to match! Unfortunately the Rose Macaroon colour didn't have too much scent, not as much as compared with the Revlon scented nail polish I've used previously, but it was definitely noticeable at least and a lot better scented than nail polish generally is! 

The nail polish applied just as well as any other Kit nail polish I own. The polish is thick, the colour applies exactly as it looks in the bottle, and I got the colour seen above in only 2 coats. Almost one was enough, but I like to apply a second coat just to even it out. I also applied a coat of Seche Vite on top to give it that extra shine in the photos above. 

The colour is a really subtle rose, which is a nice change to any colours similar that I own - mostly baby pinks come to mind. This is a lot softer and I think it would suit most skin tones well. 

I've been wanting to try out the American Apparel glitter polish ever since I purchased it with the 'Smoke Dazzle' as seen in my previous post here and it really didn't disappoint! The glitter is a round holographic silver in a clear polish. It was fairly easy to get an even distribution of the glitter with this polish too as there is a lot of glitter chunks in the polish itself. I just applied the glitter, waited until it was dry enough to not move, then applied another coat to even out the gaps. You could use this glitter polish really densely or sparsely

I think the addition of the glitter in this manicure turned it from something super feminine into something a little more playful which I liked a lot. Being on the pinky instead of the index finger the glitter isn't a main attraction, but more of an offset. I think I'll be using my pinky more often like this!

I purchased Kit's 'Rose Macaroon' from the Kit store in Chadstone shopping centre for $15.95, or you can also buy them online here or check for your nearest Kit store online hereI purchased the American Apparel glitter 'Light Year' from the American Apparel store in Melbourne in a deal of 3 nail polishes for $28, or it was $14 for the single nail polish. You can also see their range and order online here. I think I need every single glitter shade they have. They all look amazing!

Have you tried any of the new Sweet & Chic scented nail polishes from Kit or any American Apparel glitters? What do you think of this sweet and spunky combo? x


  1. Wow this nail combo is so pretty :) I have not tried either of those brands!
    I just found your blog! I love your banner it's so adorable :)

  2. That Pink is so cute! I will have to check out the rest of the collection :)