Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wishlist #3

1. I spoke about how much I wanted to try this palette in my review of the Urban Decay - Naked 2 palette last week. It's just new from the brand and is obviously aimed at creating a perfect smokey eye range of looks. I love that there's a lot of colours I don't already have in this palette. Hopefully I can purchase it soon!
The only online shop that I know that you can purchase Urban Decay to Australia is and they have these online here for $55.50 at the moment. Little bit pricey, but hopefully worth it for the quality of their eye shadows I would think!

2. Stila palettes are always great value, and this is no exception! This is such a pretty range of colours that look as though they would be perfect for every day use. You get 13 shades in total, 7 matte and 6 shimmer. The pans do look a little smaller than a lot of others, but I never seem to get through any colours in a palette entirely, so that doesn't bother me too much, plus it's quite a good price! 
You can purchase this from here for under $20. I can't see it on the Mecca website yet, but I'm sure it will arrive soon!

3. When I saw this I lost my mind a little bit in excitement, not going to lie! It's called the Foreplay cheek palette and it's basically meant to be a deconstructed version of their best seller blush - orgasm. "Combine the gold highlighter, pink matte blush, peach matte blush and – of course – Orgasm Blush, for a beautiful range of cheek shades. Depending on your mood, make your ORGASM matte, highlighted, or even more intense." Sounds perfect! I love the orgasm blush so hopefully I can get my hands on this too. 
You can purchase this online from here for $79, or in your nearest Mecca Maxima store. 

4. These hair products from the 'Candy Fixations' Bed Head range all seem good enough to eat, and cute as pie! I love nice smelling hair products and I have a feeling these would all be right up my alley.
Sugar Dust is a volumising powder similar to the Osis Dust It mattifying powder if you've ever used that. It's a powder you apply to your roots to give volume, and soak up any excess oil! So clever. 
Mega Whip is a texturiser with added staying power. It seems more aimed at shorter locks, but the packaging is amazing, I would want it on my shelf for that fact alone. 
The Glaze Haze is a smoothing serum that adds shine and reduces drying time. And if it makes my hair super sweet scented while doing that, I will be one happy lady!
I spotted all of these on the Beauty Bay website. I'm not sure if there may be other places to buy them online for cheaper, but they are $11.50 for the Sugar Dust, $13.20 for the Mega Whip, and $11.20 for the Glaze Haze. Pretty well priced I think.  

5. Illamasqua's Precision Ink is something that I've heard a LOT of good things about, but still haven't purchased! I am definitely a fan of long wearing eyeliner, and I've heard this one doesn't budge, smudge and applies super easily. Can't wait to try it out, though it may take a little getting used to as I'm so used to using a texta type eyeliner now!
You can purchase Precision Ink from the Illamasqua website for $26.98 US$, or Illamasqua is also stocked in most Myer stores now!

There are so many great goodies coming out at the moment, so I'm sure I'll be purchasing way more than I should be again! Hopefully I tick some things off this wish list soon. :)

What's on your current wish list? Have you tried and loved any of these products? x


  1. ohhh glaze haze sound lovely, if it smells like super sweet lollies I'm in.
    I've had a quick play with the Illamasqua ink liner & yes its fabulous & yes its on my list too.

    1. Yes, I'd love a sweet treat to freshen my hair, if I purchase I'll definitely update back!
      I was there on the weekend and didn't see the liner to try it, but I can't wait to get it even more now the prices have dropped! :D

  2. Do you receive Lust Have It? In their august box they had Tigi Glaze Haze. It does smell amazing!

    1. Oh yes I did get that, it smells so nice and sweet! Loving it! :)

  3. Stila In the Moment palette. Totally lusting for it.
    I like that look of the Stila Natural palette too... love Stila shadows.
    Btw I've tagged you on my blog for the Liebster

  4. I got excited over the NARS foreplay palette but it has orgasm in it which I already have. I just posted my September wishlist on my blog :)