Monday, 16 April 2012

Kit Limited Edition Rock & Romance Nail Polish Kit

I'm a huge fan of Kit Nail Polishes, so when I saw this 4 pack of minis it was something I just couldn't say no to! The colours are so striking and unique that I knew I'd find a place for them within my already vast collection. You can never have enough pinks right?

Kit describes this collection as "Inspired by fashions new love for floral, lace and all things flirty..." and it includes 4 new colours in "good-to-go sizes". 

Despite the small size of the bottles, the brushes are still easy to work with. I've had trouble with the OPI minis before having tiny brushes, so it's good to see that there was no compromise in this mini pack.

The formula on these nail polishes is just like every other Kit Nail Polish I've tried - thick and opaque - just the way I like it. Although the thickness can be a little hard to manage at times (2 thin layers usually works best) the payoff is more than worth it in my opinion. In the swatches above I only needed one thick layer of each colour to get easy great results.

- The pink is a little hard to photograph, but it's a bright pink with a fuchsia tinge to it. It's not quite hot pink, but it's close.
- The navy is noticeably blue in the bottle, and it translates the same on the nail. Despite looking almost a black on the nail in the picture above, in the light you can definitely see the blue.
- The next shade is a bright turquoise that's almost neon. I certainly don't have anything like this in my collection to date, quite an exciting addition. So perky and bright, I think it'd be a perfect colour to brighten up any outfit.
- The glitter is a round rainbow glitter set in a light pink sheer polish. It applied really easily, and layered well without looking chunky or overdone. It was easy to create a light wash of glitter with one stroke, or build to make a rainbow confetti on the nails. I thought this would be comparable to the muppets OPI collection 'Rainbow Connection' but the glitter in this is all one size and in my opinion a lot neater looking. 

I decided to do my nails for the week in the below combination. It wore well for a full week without any major chips, but just started to chip on the ends as most normal nail polish will do. This was worn with a base and top coat for extra strength. 

The Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition 'Rock & Romance' collection is available for a limited time now in Myer Kit Stores, in Mecca Cosmetica stores or online at Kit Cosmetics for $29.95. I don't know that these are in or will be added to the permanent collection, although I know I've seen the glitter in a bigger bottle, so if you like what you see make sure you grab it before they're all sold out. :)

Overall I'm quite happy I bought this collection. Such cute packaging, and great colour payoff made it all worth my while. 

What do you think of the new Kit Nail Polish Kit? Any shades you're loving and haven't seen before?  

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