Thursday, 19 April 2012

NOTW - OPI - Midnight In Moscow

Nails of the week!

This weeks nail of the week is O.P.I. - Midnight In Moscow. An all time favourite from the brand for me, and a colour that I come back to more than any other colour I own. 

This nail polish is a deep dark brown, with teeny tiny red glitter undertones which make the nails shine an awesome red burgandy in the sun. 

I love the contrast of this nail colour against my pale skin, and it's a classic classy colour to suit every occasion and outfit. 

The formula is a generous thickness and so easy to apply perfectly every time. I used 2 coats to get the look achieved above. It doesn't really need a top coat as it dries to a nice shiny finish, but as with most nail polishes the top coat will really bring out the best in the nail colour.

O.P.I Midnight In Moscow is available in Australia in David Jones, and other general retailers that stock the O.P.I. brand (see here for stockists Australia wide) for around $19.95 I believe (I bought mine a while ago sorry!). 

What do you think of O.P.I.'s Midnight In Moscow? Or do you already have this gem in your collection? x 

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  1. Oooh, this colour is gorgeous. I think this would be a me-colour. I want! Wonder if I can find it here!

    1. It really is a great colour. Definitely one of my all time favourites! I think it's a fairly popular colour so hopefully it should be pretty easy to find if you know anywhere that stocks OPI. :)