Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crush Cosmetics - 88 Shade Neutral Palette

[with flash]

[swatches in natual light]

When I first started collecting makeup, I was definitely a little more budget conscious than I am now (makeup loves me back right?! Haha). This was one of the first big purchases I made to try to build my collection quickly and for beginning and experimenting it's perfect!

The Crush Cosmetics - 88 Shade Neutral Palette is a collection of 88 eye shadows including a great range of netrals to suit all eye colours, from light creams to dark maroons. The palette includes 42 matte shades, the rest are a combination of shimmer and pearl. Having this range means the palette is versatile for an every day look, or can be built up to be a little bit fancier for a night out.

As far as the quality of the eyeshadows go, the pigment is quite good but it takes a little bit more to build some of the colours up on your skin. As you can see in the swatches the initial build up gives a nice colour pay off, but it fades fairly quickly, and some of the darker shades that do have a better colour pay off tend to crumble a little so be careful about fall out!

Overall this is a great place to start with eye shadow, and for the price you get a great little collection. I would definitely make sure you use a good eye primer though when using these to make the colours last, and if you have sensitive skin always test cheaper products before using them on your face or you may get a nasty surprise. I have not had any issues with these eye shadows personally, but better to be safe than sorry! 

I purchased this palette from Crush Cosmetics a few years ago now, but they're still in stock online for only $35.95 ($AU) making it less than 50 cents per colour! I believe they may be the same as or similar to the Coastal Scents - Warm Palette and the reviews online are great. I'm not too sure if their website ships here, but I have seen them on ebay for quite cheap too so look around if ebay is more your thing!  

Do you have any Crush Cosmetics Palettes? What kind of makeup did you first start with when you bought makeup? x


  1. Thanks for posting this Bianka! Before I got my Naked pallet I was looking at getting Crush.. maybe when I am a little more confident I might try for some of their colourful pallets as you get so many options for the price :-) x

    1. Exactly! It's a great way to have a play around with some colours before you upgrade I think.
      No worries. Hope you're loving your Naked palette, it's definitely my favourite! x

  2. hi bianka :) u have a fabulous blog! i am now following! i started with the coastal scents palettes (matte,shimmer,warm) and built from there and the NYX jumbo eye pencils!

    1. Thanks Tiarni! I have the NYX jumbo pencils as well but they still scare me a bit, especially the black one! I think I'll give them a try again soon though, just looking at your latest eye tutorial using the black NYX pencil and it looks GREAT!
      Now following your blog too. ^_^ x