Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wishlist #2

1. I know I am ever so late on the Lita band wagon, but I have fallen in love all over again recently and as I didn't buy them when the initial hype went up about these shoes, I think now would be a perfect time to buy them as a cute winter boot! They come in so so many colours and textures, and there's even a studded version out as well - check out the solestruck website for more - but I think I would want to start with a plain pair as a staple in my wardrobe. 
These are available from a few places, but the best place I've seen them to buy for Australia is solestruck.com for $159.95 ($US) - and free express postage. 

2. Eve Lom cleanser has always been on my want list, but it's price tag has just always kept it out of my "buy to try" justification. I received a sample of this cleanser not too long ago though and fell in love. It'd be a great way to keep my skin hydrated through winter. It's super moisturising and made my skin feel divine! Such a luxurious product and you can really feel the quality. With 184 reviews on the Mecca website this product has a rating of 4.9/5 stars! I'm clearly not the only one impressed with this product. 
This product is available in Australia from Mecca Cosmetica in store or online starting from $68 for 50ml, $115 for 100ml, or $186 for 200ml or from kissandmakeupny.com for $60 for 50ml, $80 for 100ml, and $135 for 200ml (all in $US).

3. This is a new shade in the NARS velvet matte lip pencil range and it was love at first site for me. I have the shade 'dragon girl' already and it is my favourite lipstick I own! The formula and ease of application makes these pencils worth every cent and this new colour is described as a gorgeous shade of pink with a hint of purple.
NARS velvet lip pencils are available from Mecca Cosmetica in store or online for $39

4. I have used another Lush massage bar previously and found it such a handy thing to have beside the bed for no mess massages! The bars are soft and melt away in your hands as your warm them on your skin (or the lucky person who is receiving the massage's skin). Lush products are always such a treat and this one sounds just as delicious with it's shea butter and cocoa. 
Lush massage bars are available in store or online for $14.95.

5. I recently saw this in a Kit shop on the weekend and it smells absolutely AMAZING. I have reviewed the 'Scrub Actually' scrub previously from this brand and you would have read about how much I loved it, so I imagine this would be exactly the same. It really did smell good enough to eat, and always such a great price. 
Soap & Glory's 'The Breakfast Scrub' is available from Kit instore or online, and also at Mecca Cosmetica instore and online for $18.95.

What are you lusting after this month? Have you got/tried any of these products? x


  1. I can totally see in you in a pair of Lita's Biank
    ! Would look spunky as. Have you checked out Kaelahbee's blog.. she has SO many (and she gets really good discounts on them and stuff!) http://honeybeeinthecity.blogspot.com.au/

    1. Ah thanks Amy! I would soooo love a pair, just have to commit! Haha.

      Oh I have seen that blog a little but didn't realise she had so many. Jealous! x