Thursday, 16 August 2012

Illamasqua's Fight For a Fair Beauty Price - Australian Campaign

As most Australian beauty addicts know, for a long time now we have been paying up to 3 times as much as most other Countries for the same products! The UK born company Illamasqua are taking a stand and trying to make a change for us Aussies, so I thought I would share the link and share the campaign so that more people are aware and can get involved in making a change. 

It's crazy looking and comparing online with some companies at just how much difference there can be (even with the exchange rate factored in!). Often I find myself buying online and paying a little extra for postage to get the products I love without the bump up for Australian stores. Of course I would love to support Australia and it's retail industry, but when it appears to make a mockery of us, why would I sit down and accept it? 

As an example: 
MAC currently have a separate website for Australia. 
Lipstick = $36 in Australia, or $15 US on the US website - more than double for Australia.
Single eye shadow = $33 in Australia, or $15 US on the US website - more than double again.

And that's just one company as a quick example! 

Illamasqua's campaign can be seen here:

In a recent email they advised that they have 10,000 signatures already in just 10 days, and aim to hit 25,000 so that they can take a stand and drop their prices. 

I think it's about time someone stood up against the unjustified inflation we are subjected to in Australia, and I'm glad it was an amazing company like Illamasqua. I can't wait to buy more from them once their prices drop (I already can't resist at the inflated prices!). Hopefully this creates enough stir to get other areas thinking about their high prices too. We're asked to pay a lot more for a LOT of products in Australia, then the shops wonder why we turn to online shopping instead. Please! Give me a break. 

I don't claim to know the ins and outs of every part of trading, but I would love to support Australian stores more, so I really hope this takes off. I've already noticed before this campaign was launched that Mecca and Kit have dropped their prices on a lot of brands, including one of my favourites Origins! Hooray! 

What do you think about Illamasqua's campaign? Have you signed up to fight for a fair beauty price already? x


  1. This is such a good campaign i wish i could sign it 20 times lol i will definitely be re-posting :)

    1. Definitely a worth while campaign! Imagine how much more we can buy once the prices drop! Hehe.

      Thanks for spreading the word. :)