Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tried and Loved - Face Of Australia - Sheer Gloss Lip Crayon

Having spied these little beauties being raved about by a few other Aussie bloggers like on the Crosswire Dreamer's page I knew I had to get my hands on them and try them out for myself! 

If you haven't heard of them before Face Of Australia Cosmetic's is an Australian made and owned company who is 100% against animal testing, and who are committed to bringing Australian beauty lovers up to date makeup at an affordable price without skimping on quality. That's definitely the case with these Sheer Gloss lip crayons! You can read more about the company and it's products at their website here if you're interested in learning more. 

Face Of Australia describe the Sheer Gloss lip crayons as:
"Lip colour has never been so fun and sweet with Face of Australia's NEW Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons. These wind-up lip tints are smooth, moisturizing and smell like vanilla!

Treat your lips to mouth-watering moisture and a hint of shine. In 3 super delectable shades these lip crayons are also infused with a vanilla scent."

I was a bit skeptical that these lip crayons could be moisturising at all, considering how cheap they are ($14.95 for the 3 pack!) but I was pleasantly surprised at the texture and moisture that they provided. They glide on your lips super smooth and keep your lips hydrated for a few hours I would say. I like that they're a little bit slick, not sticky at all, so they still give a nice shine on your lips without the usual tacky feeling that can come with it. As you can see in my first swatch below, it's probably a good idea to give your lips a quick treat to make sure they're free from any bumps before applying or the colour can stick a little, but if you don't have any bumps then you're good to go.

The colours are really pretty, and each colour has it's own cute name. 'Macaron' - a nice sheer red, 'Cupcake' - the lightest of all colours a sweet sheer pink, and 'Sundae' - a caramel brown that blends to a nice wearable colour on the lips. The packaging matches each colour which is nice, and each has a cute little picture and sheer cap. I haven't had any issues with the cap falling off and I leave it in my bag at times, and I haven't had any issues with the wind up mechanism yet either, but I can imagine the caps being not so tight at times so you may need to be careful. 

The scent is right up my alley - I love vanilla, and it's not too overpowering so even if vanilla isn't your favourite I don't think it would be prominent enough to turn you off buying them completely. 

I was able to wear these lip crayons alone for almost a full day, but by the end the product had built up a little bit too much on my lips gathering in places and I needed some extra moisture to sort it out. SO you can't rely on these for moisture alone, but they would be perfect to perk up an every day outfit though, or if you're heading out to dinner and want a light lip colour that won't stain your lips. :)

[Top: Macaron - Middle: Cupcake - Bottom: Sundae]

Overall I'm super impressed with the quality of these lip crayons for the price that they're selling. They're cute, fun and smell lovely. They'd be great to pick up as a gift as well I think, so I might grab another packet before they're gone forever, as unfortunately I think these are limited edition. 

I purchased these for $14.95 from Kmart, but if you're in Australia you can pick this 3 pack up for from Priceline, Big W, or you can check their website for the nearest stockist in your state on their website here. They are also sold online on the wesbite - I had never heard of this site before today but it seems quite good for Aussie brands! 

Have you tried these lip crayons? What's your favourite cheap or luxury lip product? What's your favourite Face Of Australia product? x


  1. thankyou for this post! i wasnt sure what they would be like,i was a bit sceptical,i will definitely be getting them now :)

    1. I was really skeptical too, but quite impressed with the quality overall. Hope you like them as much as I do. :)

  2. Great post Bianka :-) The colouring looked really nice in real life, and at such an affordable price they are almost a "must have"! xx


    1. Thanks Amy!

      They're definitely a nice cheap way to add some colour to your lips... not that I need any more lip products, but I couldn't say no for this price! hehe x