Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lime Crime Haul! Utopia Velvetine and more!

When I saw that Lime Crime were releasing another new Velvetine colour I knew straight away that I would be making an order so here is a few snaps of my mini haul from them!

In the end I decided to order straight from the Lime Crime website even though there are a lot of certified re-seller's in Australia including Crush Cosmetics. I was making quite a large order, and a couple of friends bought something too so the International shipping rate of $10.95 split between a few of us was super cheap! It also meant that almost everything I wanted was in stock. 

This time around (yes I will keep repurchasing from Lime Crime. So much love for this brand!) I purchased the following: 

  • Lime Crime - Velvetine in new shade "Utopia"; a long lasting liquid to matte lipstick in a 'blue based orchid'.
  • Lime Crime - Fantasy Eyeshadow palette in "Alchemy"; a beautiful duochrome palette with extremely high pigmented eyeshadow colours!
  • Lime Crime - Opaque Lipstick in "Airborne Unicorn"; 'medium purple with a neon note' and a highly pigmented colour payoff on the lips.
  • Lime Crime - Opaque Lipstick in "Coquette"; 'pale peachy nude' - but not too bright which I love.
  • Lime Crime - Zodiac Glitter in "Aquarius"; 'deep midnight blue with a marvellous purple/turquoise shift'
  • Lime Crime- Eyeliner in "Rhyme"; 'bright metallic gold eye liner'! 

As you can see in the swatches the colour payoff really is great in all of the products and that is something I love about Lime Crime. I have not yet been disappointed by anything!

The lipsticks have a really cute limited edition packaging at the moment for their 6th anniversary, little details like this make the brand different for me. So cute. 

I had a quick play around with the shadows and created the pictured look with the shadows "spellbound" as the base, "Love potion #9" in the crease and a little pop of "divination" in next to the crease which really gave it that Mermaid look! The lipstick in these photos is the new Velvetine in Utopia. 

At first trial I am loving EVERYTHING that I purchased. I have previously purchased Lime Crime Velvetine's in "Wicked", "Red Velvet", "Seudeberry" and "Pink Velvet", as well as the Opaque lipsticks in "Babette" and "Geradium" and the "Blue Milk" liner so it's not a big surprise that these are just as great.

I'll have more updates and details once I give the products a longer run. I'm definitely looking at doing some comparison swatches of lip products soon - like Babette vs. Coquette. :)

Have you tried anything from Lime Crime? What's your favourite Lime Crime product?

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