Sunday, 13 May 2012

Flats Frenzy

I've recently come to the realisation that, although I love almost every pair of heels I lay my eyes on (the taller the better!) my collection is becoming more and more neglected as my lifestyle has changed and I'm out partying less each weekend. Sad I know! My friends are usually shocked if they see me without heels on, even when out to dinner, but I think with all the amazing flats I've seen lately I'm ready to take the first step (ha) in getting more wonderful flats!

The 2 pairs above (left from ASOS and right from Famous Footwear - who I wish had an online store because they have an amazing range instore at the moment!) are my most recent purchases and I'm hardly in anything else anymore. Flats are so comfy, generally can be picked up a lot cheaper than most heels can, and they can really make a casual outfit so much more interesting if you have the right shoe. 

As I was searching through my usual online lurks there were just too many I loved to show you just a handful, so I hope you can find something you like in the selection I put together below. I can't wait to purchase some of these! Also, I have a small obsession with studs lately, as you may be able to tell. 

Rubi Shoes - $29.95 | ASOS - $30.60 | Rubi Shoes - $14.95 | ASOS - $144.50

ASOS (Melissa) - $85.00 | Nasty Gal - $88.00 (US) | Missguided - £22.99

Topshop -  £32.00 | Topshop - £28.00 | Topshop - £22.00

Some of the prices aren't in Australian dollars unfortunately, but all of these websites do ship to Australia. :)

Could you see yourself in any of these pairs? Where are your favourite places to shop for shoes? x


  1. Loving the studs!
    Great blog btw, came across you from BH forums :)
    - Kristy

  2. I am truly obsessed with studs at the moment! haha.
    So glad you like it, I'm loving your blog too. x

  3. oh my, now I want the middle Nasty Girl ones and the last two Topshop ones!! damn you haha

  4. Haha, they're all so pretty aren't they! My bad :P