Thursday, 31 May 2012

NOTW - OPI - Black Cherry Chutney

This weeks nail of the week is OPI - Black Cherry Chutney from OPI's India collection from 2008. 

This was another nail polish that I had recently received in my haul from and as soon as I saw it in the bottle I couldn't believe how pretty it looked. I couldn't wait to get it on my nails! Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed once I did. 

In the bottle it looks a deep purple with flecks of red undertones, however on the nail I lost that almost completely. It looked like a flat colour of deep purple, and the only way to see the undertones is in direct sunlight, and even then it's not so noticeable. In the second picture I've used flash, so you can almost see the other flecks of colour coming through there.

I thought this would be comparable to my previous post OPI - Midnight In Moscow and I guess in a way it is, but this is a lot more purple, and the undertones aren't as noticeable. It almost looks black without direct light on top. I definitely can't complain though, it's another awesome vampy colour to add to my collection, and OPI do these sort of colours oh so well. 

This was a little harder to apply than Midnight In Moscow, one coat was quite streaky, but it evened out with the second and I left it at that. Maybe a third coat would really intensify it, but I think 2 is plenty!

Overall I really do like the colour that this turned out, I was just a little disappointed with the initial lack of shimmer once it was on the nail. If you love a deep vampy purple this is a lovely colour. 

I purchased this from for $6.15 (US) but it may still be available in stores too. In Australia David Jones stock OPI instore for around $19.95 (AU), or check out the OPI website for a stockist near you! 

What do you think of OPI - Black Cherry Chutney? What's your favourite OPI colour? Do you like vampy shades? 


  1. Agreed, I prefer Midnight in Moscow too. This one is a little too purple. Looks pretty even and intense though, don't think it needs a second coat :)

    1. Yeah, Midnight in Moscow is still definitely a favourite for me! Do you know any other great dark OPI shades I should try? x

  2. This colour is gorgeous! My favourite OPI is Quarter of a Cent-cherry, its a beautiful deep red. I'm a Melbourne girl too!

    Brittany xo

    1. Thanks! It's a lovely deep colour for winter. :)

      I just looked up that colour and it looks like a wonderful red! I think I'll keep my eye out for it next time I'm in Melbourne.

      Just checked out and followed your blog too, looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. x