Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tried & loved - Barry M lip gloss - Coral and Toffee

Today I thought I'd do a post about a lip gloss that I love - Barry M! 

For those of you that don't know Barry M cosmetics they are a wonderful brand from the UK dating all the way back to 1982! They have a massive range of really affordable cosmetics, that are all great quality. I haven't tried anything I haven't loved from this brand yet. 

The Barry M lip glosses currently come in around 10 shades, as can be seen on their website here. There are also often limited edition and new glosses popping up, just like with their nail polishes, so the shades may vary from time to time. The 2 lip glosses I've photographed today are 1. Coral (11) and 2. Toffee (2). Barry M products usually have a number and name so it's handy to check both depending on where you're buying them from. 

The lip gloss itself is a perfect consistency for me. It's thick enough to last a few hours, my lips don't rough up or have issues when I'm constantly rubbing my lips together because of the thick consistency, and it's not too sticky either. It's not drying at all and I can wear just this lip gloss for an entire day and my lips will still look smooth and fresh, unlike a lot of other glosses that I've tried which require deep hydration before applying or they can look quite rough on my lips. 

Although the colours look quite bright on my hand, once on your pinkish lips they settle as almost transparent, but there's still just enough pigment in them to see just a of colour which makes them a perfect every day gloss for me with these 2 colours. I have also used Bubblegum Pink (5) and Pastel Pink (4) previously though and they are really pigmented so I prefer those for when I'm venturing out, rather than as an everyday colour for around the office. 

The other amazing thing about these glosses is the smell! They all have a unique scent pertaining to their name - Toffee smells like toffee, and Coral smells like a tropical punch! I love little things like that so that's probably another reason I'm a sucker for this gloss. The scent isn't overpowering, and you can only really smell it as you apply it, but a nice touch either way. 

These lip glosses can't be picked up in Australia in any shops that I know of, but you can definitely purchase them online and they're such a great price. You can buy them on Crush Cosmetics for $10.95 which is an Australian online company, or you can also purchase some shades on ASOS which has free postage for a usual price of $7.23, but they're curently on sale for $4.76 so I'll definitely be stocking up!

Have you tried these Barry M lip glosses? Which is your favourite colour? Have you tried any other products from the Barry M range? x


  1. havent tried their products before, are the glosses sticky? I use juicytubes but i find that they are sticky and my hair gets stuck to my lips.

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