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Maybelline New York - Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Not too long ago you may have noticed the endless amount of advertising for this new eyeliner from Maybelline New York, called the Master Precise liquid eyeliner... personally it was kind of hard to avoid. Television adverts, magazine adverts, billboards, internet pop ups and celebrity Ruby Rose prompting us to try this new fine tip to create "tattoo" like designs. It looked awfully tacky to me, but the tip really reminded me of another eyeliner that I fell in love with recently so I thought it'd be worth at least a try.

 Let me just say, I am so glad I discarded the image the advertisements were portraying and gave this eyeliner a go, it's fabulous! 

The texta like shape makes the product simple and easy to manoeuvre and completely mess free. You don't need anything but this little tool to create a perfectly black winged eyeliner in just a few seconds - it's that easy. The pointed sharp tip (0.05mm according to Maybelline) makes it fairly easy to get a nice fine point to your flick, and it's the pretty much perfect mix of flexibility and stiffness for the job too. 

The product flows really well on the felt tip texta like fine tip, and the product dries quickly after being applied on the lid which makes it a little difficult if you make mistakes, but great once you get the hang of it because you can apply and go almost instantly. Throughout the day it doesn't crease onto my eyelid above where it rests either, which is usually what I have a problem with with most gel eyeliners.      

Maybelline describes this product as being
- 100% smudge proof 
- wears all day
- waterproof
- easily removed
- stain free 

I would say that the product does live up to everything they've described, apart from being waterproof, but really, once you have a shower you don't want it to stay anyway. Although it did pass the gym test with flying colours. It stayed perfectly through a cycle class and weights after being worn all day at work. How's that for staying power!? 

The only thing I don't love about this eyeliner is the packaging. For me personally it looks a bit cheap, but as far as "drug store" brands go it's not really too bad. It's just not as pretty as my favourite the Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking, which I will compare with this eyeliner below.  

As you can see in these comparison photos above, the 2 are quite similar in appearance and packaging (please excuse my YSL eyeliner, it's a few months old in these pictures and the Maybelline eyeliner is brand new). The main difference really between the 2 is the tip - the YSL being longer and more flexible. 

I purchased the YSL liner when I was in Paris last year and myself and my friend who I was travelling with couldn't believe how amazing and easy it was! My friend had never really used an eyeliner like this before but was able to apply it first try, and has been addicted ever since. 

They're both a perfect pure black, both apply smoothly either onto bare skin or over eye shadow, and both have a fine tip that make it fairly easy to get a great "flick" with on your eye. They both have amazing staying power, and both remove quite easily if you use makeup remover. 

Honestly if I had to pick: the YSL tip shape, being a little longer and more flexible, does make a nicer shape on the eye a little easier I think, but for the price comparison ($32 US and I couldn't find an online Australian price but I'm assuming around $50 for the YSL, vs. $13.95 AU for the Maybelline) I am now finding myself using the Maybelline version on a daily basis, and only pulling out my YSL favourite for special occasions or weekends. If I was in America and could buy it for the American price though, I think I would use the YSL version as my everyday. They're that interchangeable really.

The Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner can be purchased from shops that sell Maybelline products, which is great because that means most chemists, supermarkets, and retailers like Myer and Priceline will stock this. I purchased mine from my local supermarket on sale for $12.95. More information about the product and retailers can be seen on the Maybelline wesbite here.

The Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils Shocking Liquid Eyeliner can be purchased from Myer and David Jones in Australia, and again I apologise that I don't know the exact price as I purchased mine on an overseas trip. More information about the product can be found on the YSL website here

You can see here a sample of the Maybelline eyeliner on my eye. This was over MAC 'Naked' pigment. 

What do you think of these eyeliners? Have you used either of these products before? Which is your favourite? x

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