Sunday, 22 July 2012

NOTW - Kit - Siesta Indigo

[natural light]
[with flash]

This weeks nail of the week is Kit's 'Siesta Indigo' which is an indigo blue so deep, it's basically black!

This nail polish was part of the Viva La Colour range from winter 2011 which drew inspiration from Mexican delights and included mostly bright colours like green, yellow, and purple, but of course I was drawn to the darkest colour of the bunch (typical, haha).

The formula of this nail polish was great. It's nice and thick and you could use just one coat if you're careful, but I used 2 just to even out the colour. The nail polish dries with a super slick sheen and the finish wouldn't even need a top coat, but as always I used Seche Vite as a top coat to get the quick dry and glass like finish you can see in the top picture.

It was hard to take a photo of my nails to show the true colour because it just looks black in most light. The only real indication of the blue coming through is on my rough edges (sorry about that, haha). This is a colour that I love because it's such a contrast to my pale skin. Great in winter where I'm extra pale!

I purchased this from Kit Cosmetics for $15.95 when the range was released in 2011, but it appears to have been quite popular and has been added to the permanent range. It's available online from Kit here or Mecca here or you can pop into your local Kit or Mecca store to check out their full range instore, it's super impressive! I can never decide which colour I want next.

Have you tried Kit nail polish? What's your favourite colour? x

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