Friday, 24 October 2014

Tried and Loved - Little Bird 'Organic Paw Paw Balm'

This one's for all the Paw Paw lovers of the world, I know there's a lot of you out there...

Before I was sent these to review I had never heard of this cute little brand called "Little Bird", but I am so glad they have now crossed my path! These little tubes are full of organic ingredients, and free from petrochemicals or added preservatives, and they perform superbly.

There are 3 different varieties currently available, as pictured above: original (fragrance free), tangerine, and pink grapefruit.

"Little Bird Organic Paw Paw soothes and softens lips, repairs appearance, seals in moisture and provides protection from external exposure. The balm can also be used for dry and irritated skin."

I was a little hesitant when testing these out as I personally never use the more common Lucas' Papaw for my lips. I have tried it before and despite some people swearing by it, I find it overly greasy, and ultimately not beneficial to my lips. They end up worse than before I even put it on if that's even possible. This formulation is completely different, and in the best way possible. It keeps all the benefits of paw paw but in a way that does exactly as the brand describes. My lips stay hydrated for a long period of time, and it lasts so well leaving a nice sheen on my lips. There's no weird taste with these either, which was another thing I hated from the previously mentioned Lucas' papaw.

The applicator for these makes it easy to apply without getting it all over your fingers, and there's no wasted product.

These products are a great multi tasker too. I have found they're great to provide a high sheen on the face, or even to add with eye shadow for a different texture and glistening finish.

If you like the original paw paw brands, I definitely recommend you give this brand a try. I find them for me to be a perfect pick me up for my lips.

These are available to purchase from your local Coles believe it or not. You might have to check for it the next time you're doing your weekly shopping. They retail for $5.50 each on the Coles website.

Do you use paw paw for your lips or any of it's other purposes? What do you love about it? x

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