Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wishlist - October 2014

1. I recently was alerted to this product by miss Rhian at her Wifelife blog. It looks like a great cheap product to use for highlighting as part of contouring and highlighting the face after foundation! 
I am yet to find where I can buy this in Australia though, so if anyone knows please share. The e.l.f. Australia site doesn't list it and neither does the Crush Cosmetics site. :(

2. Now that I'm studying to be a makeup artist I definitely value my brushes and all of their purposes a whole lot more. I have a nice set that we got with school, but this set is GREAT for the price and has a lot of duo fibre brushes that I would love to upgrade my kit with. I have seen nothing but great reviews for these brushes, with comparisons to MAC or Sigma - both of which I have in my personal brush sets and love! I think this will be my splurge item with my tax return money. :)

3. This brand keeps popping up with makeup artists that I love on instagram, and watching some videos from Rhian (again, yup) this week reminded me that I still would love to try these!  I'm looking at getting some more nude colours, so I'd love to try some of these lipsticks and glosses to layer with. Have you tried these? What are your favourite colours?

4. This was another product that I randomly came across on instagram, and since then they keep popping up from time to time. Now that I'm washing my makeup brushes a lot more often (every time I use them!), I think that a couple of these would definitely make my life easier!

5. I had never heard of this brand before watching Rhian's youtube, but again, now that I've seen the amazing difference it made with her lashes - I need it. Haha. I am a bit of a mascara hoarder (I currently am using 7 different types on rotation.) so this would be a great addition to the collection. Hopefully I can get this to ship to Australia! Is it a big brand overseas if you're not from Australia?

That's it for this month. As you can tell I've mostly been watching Rhian's youtube and reading her blog and being highly influenced from that. She has a great channel so make sure you check her out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo2ISnT2ZBA3aYYFilzli1g 

Have you got any of these products already? What are you lusting over this month? x

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